2019 Risk Management Intensive | Wednesday 31 July

Full day risk management seminar for Victorian lawyers.



A full day risk management seminar for Victorian lawyers. 



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Stuck between a rock and a hard place - dilemmas for employee lawyers 

Many lawyers early in their career have been or will be faced with difficult situations. This session explores some of the real-life predicaments facing often young or inexperienced practitioners. Our speaker will provide insights on what to do if you are asked to do things that are unethical or counter to safe practice or you are thrown in the deep end and left to sink or swim. The session will also help those in charge appreciate the difficult position some employees may find themselves in, and what they can do to help create a more supportive, safe and productive work environment.

Presented by Donna Cooper, Ethics Consultant, Ethics4Lawyers | Michael Dolan, Director, Ethics4Lawyers | 1 CPD point - Ethics and professional responsibility | Chaired by Matthew Rose, Risk Manager, LPLC 

Back to basics for litigators 

Litigation can be a complex area to practice in, but many claims come about from getting the basics wrong. This session will explore some of these litigation-based claims and look at what you need to do to get the basics right. What does it mean to give well thought through and balanced advice on the merits? Do you understand the cause of action and evidence required? Have you joined the right parties? Have costs been estimated accurately? These and more issues will be addressed in this session. 

Presented by Thanh Bui, Colin Biggers and Paisley | 1 CPD point - Professional skills |  Chaired by Matthew Rose, Risk Manager, LPLC

Latest cyber issues 

Over the past year, solicitors who handle client funds have been increasingly targeted in email compromise cyber-attacks. This session will explore the most common and new forms of email compromise we've seen over the past year, what hackers do when they gain access to your email system, and the commonly-used email systems that are susceptible to these kinds of attacks. The session will also cover what steps you must take after an email compromise to minimise the loss, as well as a simple step-by-step guide for security measures to protect your firm against these kinds of attacks. We will finish with a presentation about PEXA Key and Secure Exchange and how they can help ensure your client’s money is paid to the right place.

Presented by Darryl Smith, Partner, Clyde and Co | Heather Crichton, General Manager, Member Support Services, PEXA | Brett Carty-Salmon, Product Owner - User Experience, PEXA | Lee Bailie, General Manager, Product and Innovation, Info Track | Krystal Cullinan, Product Manager, Info Track | 1 CPD point - Practice management | Chaired by Matthew Rose, Risk Manager, LPLC

The engagement habit 

If you practice law, you are at risk of a professional negligence claim. This session will help practitioners in working in all areas of law to address one of the biggest causes of claims – engagement management. It will provide practical ways to implement a sound engagement habit for a safer, claims-free practice.

All participants will receive a copy of the LPLC’s engagement decision tool.

Presented by Stephen Bubb, Risk Manager, LPLC | 1 CPD point - Practice management 

Solicitors certificates - are you being heard? 

Requests for solicitors’ certificates are increasing both in number and variety. Irrespective of whether the certificate is being sought by ‘walk-in’ or long-standing clients, practitioners need to be extremely diligent in their review of the relevant documents, the advice provided to the clients and their own file management. In practice, this can be difficult given time and costing limitations, not to mention the pressure from clients to ’simply sign off’ on what they may view as just another - administrative loan document.

For this session, our presenter, will highlight some of the common – and serious – errors made by practitioners as well as provide useful tips on how to minimise risk exposure.

Presented by Heather Hibberd, Chief Risk Manager, LPLC | 1 CPD point - Practice management 

Conveyancing tax issues 

Tax issues arise in many files — especially conveyancing. During this session we will explore the most common taxes which practitioners come across in conveyancing matters including GST, CGT, land tax and duty. Details will be provided of where practitioners go wrong together with tips on how to avoid claims about taxes.

Presented by Phil Nolan, Risk Manager, LPLC | 1 CPD point - Substantive law 



Please note, registrations open from 8:30am


CPD points
Full day attendance entitles you to 6 CPD points.
Please see speaker information above to determine point breakdown. 

All queries relating to CPD rules please refer to the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Solicitors) Rules 2015. Information is also here. LPLC does not keep records of practitioner CPD.

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There is parking available at Wilson Parking Federation Square, Russell Street Extension. Please note early bird parking rates are $18 for the day. You are required to enter between 6am and 10am, and exit between 3pm and midnight. Follow the signs in the car park lifts to get down to Zinc. 

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